Rod's personal horror story started with the Millenium when he was told he had glaucoma and cataracts in both eyes. The right eye had a lens implanted in 2005 and was soon after lasered to correct a retinal tear. The good news? No macular generation at that stage. "Usual glaucoma" a buid up of pressure in the eyeball was at first controlled by medication but there was blurred vision due to the growth of cataracts. In 2014, that spelled the end of his painting career. Things worsened when medication failed to control pressure and there was an important loss of vision in the right eye.  By fall of that year he had two one-hour operations to create physical channels to lower pressure and a second lens implant. 

Recuperation was lengthy and when pressure in the eyes dropped to levels which were two low he developed blobs.  He was told there was a 50%chance that the condition would be self correcting and this is what happened. Cloudy vision as the two eyes struggled to coexist made drawing and painting impossible.

It was the pits when colour vision vanished in the late summer following operations. The left eye showed fairly good visual acuity and was able to read most of an eye chart. However, that right eye could't manage that big "E?" By late 2016 colour was back and two lines of letters could be discerened.


Some animals, such as starfish and lobsters have truly remarkable regenerative power. But even the redoubtable lobster is in trouble when it comes to a swim in the hot tub.

Lobsters are a pugnacious species which probably explains why natural selection has given them an ability to completely regenerate lost limbs.  That does not explain the new colour. Humans cannot regenerate lost tissues to this extent and lost balls and cones in the eye are irrepacable. Surprisingly an ability to heal quickly after an eye operation is not a plus since it can create scar tissue negating the usefulness of the procedure. Drugs are given to slow the healing process and that means that recuperation is slow.

Rod could have gone splahing about in the non-objective pool, but this was not his style and would really have been painting against the tide of his usual interests and style.

Most of the paints left over from 2013 turned solid in tubes. Those stored in plastic jars did better.

Having lived through the privations of World War II Rod hates the ides of materials left unused and he has a vast collection of frames and canvases from the good old days.

He seriously considered making an attempt at painting lasy fall but the uncertaintly surrounding R&Rs rental quarters was debilitating and that never happened. The winter studio is now rearranged and some paints purchased and this will happen, the befinde permitting.