“I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of the computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what’s going on. We have speed, we have a lot of other things, but I’m not sure we have the kind of security we need."  - D.R.W., who is a lot younger than Rod.

Apparently he does not actually post those tweets. In 2016 Matt Novak asked, "Has Donald Trump Ever Used A Computer? If you have documentary evidence that Donald Trump has ever used a computer mouse, trackpad or touchscreen, please send it to novak@gizmodo.com. Seems there has yet to be a definitive answer.

That said, what are the Design Trends for 2017 that the Red Meanie will be missing? Red trumps blue this year. To be politically correct go for red, which is said to convey passion, and actually increased blood pressure and circulation. On the other had Democrat Blue instills a sense of peace, calmness and inaction. Perhaps those are the reasons so many banks and financial istitutions use it on web pages. Note that background. "While 2015 and 2016 saw a lot of minimal website designs with white or light backgrounds, dark backgrounds are returning to fashion."

Google has been a trend-setter. Design Shack says, "What’s nice about this trend is it is just a flop of the aesthetics to be on trend with light elements becoming dark and dark elements becoming light. As long as your accent colors provide enough contrast it can be a fun way to spark new interest in an older design."

Rod does these things instinctively. This design and black backgrounds were emplaced last year before it was suggested that: "The other thing that’s starting to emerge with dark websites is a more monotone color palette with just a few colors or color that’s reserved just for photographs. While this may sound stark at first, a look at these designs shows that the contrast between dark and pops of color is a great way to draw the eye and encourage user interaction."   This lack of colour fits the winter season, sophisticated and as powerful as a penquin.

White is also a great winter colour, the cominstion of all wavelengths of colour. One can place any colour against  this neutral while suggesting purity and elegance.The Pantone people govern our yearly embracing of the latested in colour fashion and green is a nice balance betweeb warm and cool colours conveying affluence and environmental friendliness. Watch Rod's web pages change colours with the seasons.

https://designshack.net notes that "Pantone picked a natural neutral for its color of the year – Greenery – and if what we’ve learned in past years holds, this will be a major color trend in 2017. Pantone colors of the year often shape color trends for the year to come, rather than showcase trends that have come and gone."

"More natural or neutral palettes continue to play off minimal aesthetics, giving designers a hint of color without shifting to a super-bright palette. Many of the color choices include natural hues – greens, browns and blues – or metallic neutrals such as gold, grays or rose gold... From circles to squares to triangles geometric accents are taking over." Here is a Rod Mackay interpretation of those new rules of conduct. And oh yes, oversized type remains in demand.

This is the year to gather behind the great leader's interest in storytelling.

Hope this is the year in which he scrolls down!