Many differing media stories have taken the good, bad and ugly approach to assessing all the sudden moves of the Trump administration

One pundit speaking generally suggested that, "The best-case scenario for a Trump administration would be one where Trump stays mostly removed from everyday policymaking, and at the same time uses his often uncanny instincts for political opportunity to shape outcomes in key ways." Bears are powerful animals and it is well to remember that grizzlies can be very aggressive towards other bears and people they perceive as threats.

"On the domestic policy front, this would mean legislation that is mostly driven from Congress but shaped in a way to avoid Trump's veto pen. Tax reform would include the requisite Republican wish list of corporate tax cuts and tax rate flattening, but also a significant piece of pro-family tax reform and wage subsidies to boost working-class families and working-class employment." That was hopeful thinking. As it developed President Donald Trump approached the end of his first 100 days in office without having signed a single major bill into law.

Under the Democrats things go a bit better than when Searle penned this cover. Our optimist, who will remain nameless, thought that, " Instead of repealing ObamaCare and then sort-of-maybe hoping one day to get around to a reform of their own, Republicans would unite around a package that would cover everyone, while relaxing some of the most egregious regulations that have caused ObamaCare's tailspin." Trump made this his first great initiative but Trumpedup care foundered in the House in spite of Republican opposition to “Obamacare.” This was the first time that a newly elected president experienced a starting post failure.

Apparently, Trump see himself was THE world's policeman.

Our optimistic prophet suggested that "On the foreign policy front... China would come to realize that the gravy train is over, and that calling for 'free trade' while enforcing rigorous capital controls and subsidizing its export sector in scores of different ways is not sustainable, and would offer some concessions, but we wouldn't get a full-blown trade war (or a war at all)."

Geeeez, was weeD looking for a High Noon confrontation with China. On April 8, Chinese state media praised the meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping as one that showed the world that confrontation between the two powers was not inevitable. For Xi, the Syrian air strikes came at an "disrespectful" time, "but they were also a reminder of the fundamental dumbness, from a Chinese strategic perspective, of U.S. foreign-policy decisions. With US attention diverted elsewhere...

This optimist also said that in the best of worlds, "Ukraine would remain in Russia's sphere of influence, but NATO wouldn't unravel." And yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus. Friends suddenly became enemies on Thursday, April 7 when Trump ordered that Syrian air strike. Putin was not the only party out off by this intervention. "Congress left Friday for a two-week spring break. Looking ahead, prospects for health care are at best dicey, while other initiatives such as tax reform, infrastructure spending and implementing Trump’s unpopular proposal for spending cuts aren’t ready for prime time yet."

Further, "...a realpolitik retrenchment would enable the Syrian conflict to simmer down, with Assad holding on to most of Syria, and ISIS getting smothered by an international coalition." CBC commented: "The swift American military offensive was intended to punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime for unleashing deadly chemical weapons on scores of women and children earlier in the week. But the U.S. attack offended the anti-globalist principles of the far-right elements drawn to Trump's "America First" rhetoric. Some of Trump's staunchest anti-war allies in the libertarian and far-right communities have now spurned him. They say the military intervention in Syria showed Trump was never the true isolationist they hoped he'd be. As some alt-right online commentators saw it, their anti-establishment candidate caved to status-quo political pressures."

The president’s "achievements" have been limited to rolling back regulations issued by Obama, which Republicans say will make it cheaper for firms to do business. The measures, which can’t be blocked by Democrats, have repealed regulations on coal mining near creeks and streams, and limiting methane emissions from oil wells on federal lands.
Other changes pertained to hunting regulations in Alaska. States are now allowed to drug test people seeking unemployment benefits, and internet providers are no longer prevented from selling the browsing habits of their customers. "We believe that, so far, that benefit to the economy is over $10 billion,” said White House lobbyist Marc Short, though he added that those benefits would only accrue over the next 20 years.


Once again that's a Wyrd Donald. Youknowwhy the "boos" are limited? Since we are talking good: “Government funding is the next critical hurdle. Health care is still going to be on the table, and I’m confident we’ll get that done. But then we’re going to move right into one of the critical issues, which is tax reform,” said Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y. “We’ll get it done. We’re going to learn a lot from the health care situation.” Libertarians who thought that the chains of globalism had been broken by Trump's "America First" aspirations are now beginning to see that actually it is, once again, back to the future for foreign policy.

The world is replete with wyrdness.  Consider this March 21 headline: "Holy Trump! The Donald is Good Samaritan, says ex-Archbishop of Canterbury. Lord Carey of Clifton, who led the Church of England from 1991 to 2002, compared Trump with the Good Samaritan, a Biblical figure who came to help a robbery victim when no one else would.“Is it not true that we have wounded and left-behind communities passed by by the elite, who are too distracted and busy with their own agendas, too busy to look over to see someone in distress?
And intervention that makes a difference is from a totally unexpected source, the Samaritan, the outsider from a despised sect in Israel."

When asked about the New York tycoon’s lavish lifestyle and “indifference to conservative sexual guidelines,” specifically Trump’s three marriages, the former Archbishop replied: “His attitudes are in a way irrelevant. His wealth is beyond the imagination of all of us.His hedonist lifestyle, his hypocrisy, the things that make him such a flawed character may also be the very thing that people today find deeply seductive.” Lord Carey added that he “did have sympathies with the drive to elect Trump,” but would not have voted for the Republican candidate. Perhaps having a brand is a good thing, and WeeD has been a media leader.

"oh the monkey wrapped his tail around the flagpole..."  The media may have prostituted itself by hanging on Donnie's little words, but he had an alternate sludge pipe direct to an adoring public.

Trump may not drink and play cards but he does gamble. A big fellow only needs little vices.

The media had to take notice.

And they did.

He may be illiterate but he is not a vocal and lacking opinions, just inept at wordsmithery and verbal honesty. A policy shape changer, he is as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof.
That's a good thing if you happen to admire hot tom cats. By the way there was a real Irishman, Thomas Catt, who was the inspiration for that phrase. Read about him and eat your heart out Donald.

I'm talking about Calvin's age. Jealousy can be an endearing quality if it leads to introspection and readjustment of attitudes?

Who can argue that the Trump brand is not foxy? Possibly a little too violent ...

But then, American eagles can be ornery and Trump is not keen on raptors of the natural world. "The bald eagle was chosen June 20, 1782 as the emblem of the United States of America, because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks, and also because it was then believed to exist only on this continent." Benjamin Franklin wanted the wise old owl as at symbol, and pointed out the fact that this raptor is a coward, chased by crows and even smaller birds. We have a surfeit of this species in Nova Scotia, but this province has been a home for refugees since their Revolutionary War. Sorry dad, had to say that!

As any fule can painly see it gets goodsier and huedge in terms of business potential.

And now that "Mellow Yellow" is out of the lucrative TV and movie business, he is probably in need of financial support? who knows how long his government assistance cheques will continue?

The Hollywood Dragon as seen by Searle. Donnie was quite the dragon.  That was his best act but it was strictly TV (True Vision).

That virtual reality show was good, although it did reveal that Trump was an repentant, empathetical bully. But so was Clint's "Blondie." That's entertainment and hugely fine!

Credit where due is a good thing, but using your kid as a prop, less good.

Most of his motion picture appearances were walk-ons. He did best where he played himself.

Too bad he got diverted from this possible career path?

But then, he would not have submitted to having an acting coach.

Personal experiences of the less rich and famous sometimes lead to extreme expensive reactions, which only a billionaire should be exposed to.

A less important consideration as friends and relations become ghosts in the machine of one's mind.  This is something that does not seem to have happened yet for this young man. But be aware. The future is a sledge hammer that sweeps away reality. Those who can retain personal unreality are in a good place, but there is no ultimate insurance against old age. That's how the world ends for most people, unless a bang boy enters their scene in the theatre of life.

That quote is not a trumpism, but one form the windpipe of an expat Australian actor, famous for appearing in that nationalistic US movie entitled The Patriot. He was dark-haired when he played in this weepy age-regression flick which ended happily. In scifi there are more likely scenarios where those who are forever young disassemble physically but maintain some sanity until realization sets in.

You do not even have to be prosperous to have fun. Shakespeare suggests that "To die: to sleep: Nor more; and by a sleep to say we end The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to; ‘tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished." Then he adds some crazy stuff since he was a individual stalled by pessimism. This is a European poster boy, quite unlike Trump.

Play that tune again Dr. Bunenstein. Seems Trump has medical expertise? Thought he was in business administration? Good to get that cleared up?

Did something come on the big screen while Rod was buying popcorn.  Guess it was nothing huge or amazing.

In summary, if you luck into being born exceptionally gifted in some crooked way, or wealthy, by hook or by crook; goodness and mercy may follow you "all the days of your life." Otherwise, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but be very sure to do it first.

Introducing the larry. Enough yet of these "Good" images, let's cut to the quick before they expire.