The Beastly Baby was ostensibly written and illustrated by Osgood Weary (an anagram pseudonym for American cartoonist Edward Gorey). This is the story of a bloated baby with two left hands, a guilty conscience, malice in his heart, and a nose that appeared older than the rest of him. a tongue in cheek description of a horrible baby, whose family is unable to get rid of it until an American eagle carries it off. The baby is actually pictures as a hairless, colourless creature, and yu can see the who sad tale on line.

Wee Donnie was decidely not beastly in appearance This was his home for the first four years of his life, and if he was a typical child he probably has few memories of this particular neighbourhood.. As mentioned earlier his dad was a buiding contractor and created a grander home for his family in the same general area of New York City. As for Gory's infant, it was fierce and fractious and "usually damp and sticky for it wept a great deal. It was consumed with self pity which in this case was perfectly justified..." One can guess from later behaviour that this child was probably not lacking in self-esteem and was gifted with a lot of playthings. But being in a situation where parents are weakthier than tyhe neighbours can be a two-edged sword.

This illustrated cover reminds us that that the two "The Donald" Books involved a year long interplay between Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer, who commenced wrote the short tales to entertain his uoung son, This book  first published in 1969 did not suggest what Donald might encounter, so Rod has made a couple of suggestions. Bothe were wrong!
As you can see this is no ordinary household nor ordinary trash can, nor ordinary clothing. In this case, Donald did not exactly face a difficulty, but had a macabre transendental experience.
Donald Trump's mother would probably have been more reactive having been raised as a country girl.

And dat as the say in Lunenburg County is precisely dat. Of course the full book teases readears to this end illustration with closeups of the creature's metamophsized parts.

Note the boy's Germanic braces. The book bearing this actual title came out in 1970. Possibly this illustration might reflect in some measure, The Donald's tendency to flights of fancy and a short attention span. Born in Chicago. Gorey attended Harvard before taking a job woth Doubleday as an illustrator. Gorey spent the later part of his life living and working on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.and that is probably why his depictions satirize old wealth and social order. Trumps money is only three generations deep and he and his ancestors were never Hyannis Port material.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson comes closer the bone in unintentionally revealling the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as they applied to Wee Donnie.Bill Watterson was born in Washington, D.C., United States, where his father James worked as a patent attorney. The family relocated to Chagrin Falls, Ohio in 1965 because his mother Kathryn wanted to be closer to her family and felt that the small town was a a better place to raise her two children Bill and Thomas.

From 1976 to 1980, Watterson attended Kenyon College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. He had already decided upon a career in cartooning, but he felt that his studies would help him move into editorial cartooning. His parents recalled him as a "conservative child" — imaginative, but "not in a fantasy way." Wee Donnie had a much restricted vocabulary than that of Calvin, Watterson's comic strip bad boy.

He is easy to spot. The biggest lad in his class and he was destined to get much bigger!

"Watterson found avenues for his cartooning talents throughout primary and secondary school, creating high school-themed super hero comics with his friends and contributing cartoons and art to the school newspaper and yearbook." - Wikipedia

Calvin and Hobbes was first published on November 18, 1985. "Like many artists, Watterson incorporated elements of his life, interests, beliefs, and values into his work—for example, his hobby as a cyclist,memories of his own father's speeches about "building character", and his views on merchandising and corporations. Watterson's cat Sprite very much inspired the personality and physical features of Hobbes." - Wikipedia

Watterson said that Calvin is named for "a 16th-century theologian who believed in predestination," and Hobbes for "a 17th-century philosopher with a dim view of human nature." Oddly enough, Trump claims to be a conservative Presbyterian. In New York he was exposed to some of the sermons of Mr. Peale.

Troubled waters as reported by theWashington Post.

Just before attaining cartoon strip glory Watterman joined a small Cincinnati advertising agency and worked there for four years as a designer, creating grocery advertisements while also working on his own projects, including development of his own cartoon strip and contributions to Target: The Political Cartoon Quarterly.

The negative effect of an over-active imagination.Fred said that Donald was a bit of a problem child, but he was a bit of a problem parent, a bit too work-oriented.

Trump has declared a lasting interest in action figured Hollywood. He probably enjoyed watching Indiana Jones movies and the TV series Young Indian Jones. That was Rod's source of this washup.

Shipped off to a military academy for high schooling, Trump had his first taste of social constraints. Kenneth Elton "Ken" Kesey was an American novelist, essayist, and countercultural figure. He considered himself a link between the Beat Generation of the 1950s and the hippies of the 1960s.

This later quote by Donald suggests that he was not entirely cofirtable in his glorious new pre-hippie world. He never morphed into either a yuppie or a hippie.

That pompadour became irrelevant in the 1960s.

All quotes, the "mature" Donald J. Trump.

Watterman's parents insist he was never like Calvin as a child.

On the other hand...

He never impressed anyone as an academic star in either elementary or high school.

Considering his size and character that was an easy matter.

He has always admitted having a few jealous detracters.

That teacher said he tried...

Having never emerged from a kid's world Rod can attest to the fact that there are big bullies of all ages. Rod's remedy, grab them around the waist from behind and hang on. Donald simply has to have lost out now and then.

Another kid who never got beyond that Lord Of The Flies syndrome. Some of us have moved on not wishing to live on an island controlled by a bully.

Somewhere along the way Wee Donnie discovered the pasted-on smile.

Next the education of a young hero. The Butterfly Effect full blown in 2016.