Last year we reinstituted downward and upward scrolling in the interest of saving visitors time. Seems to have worked since no one now spends an hour or more clicking horizontally between pages. Symbols can also be an aid in understanding a website. That is the Mackay tartan, embedded in symbols which are ancient. In general an unbroken horizontal line indicates "light" while a broken one indicvayes "darkness." In some mythologies two parallel lines indicate "the earth." An open urn shape capabkle of holding water indicates "life," while an inverted on points to "death." Hence, the latter symbol is used to headline our sad tales.

In this partial representation of an N.C. Wyeth painting a woman is pictured holding an urn and her expression is decidely sad. Symbols can be quite pictorial but are often as much of a puzzle as as simpler representations of an idea.

Alchemy prerved many mythological symbols employing them in a slightly different context.

Last year when we wished to offered a side trail of info we used this pictorial warning.

This year we have opted for a simpler symbolic representation of a click through to a road less travelled. A note of content will be included. We will introduce other symbols if the need develops.

One other matter:  One cannot appreciate the alieness of Maritime Canada short of living on the ground for a very long time. Atlas Obscura makes a stab at revealling hidden worlds but its Nova Scotian suggestions for travel are mundane. One cannot access that Money Pit site on a drop-by basis.

Nobody actually succeeds in poking into the hidden parts of Martime Canada.which is why R&R are making an effort in this direction starting with the current essay.