P                                                                                                                                              Photo: Rod Mackay, November 24, 2017


Amos Pewter's Snow Queen and Father Christmas as seen on Main Street by Rod earlier on this same evening prior to events on November 25th . We have followed this festival since its inception, but only commenced recording it photographically when we relocated from Lunebury Old Town to Mahone Bay in 2008.

This photgraph was taken one year ago at this same date, beofr visitors made the effort more problematic.  Photos and comments from 2016, remain on line and you can access them by clicking upon the above photograph.  If only interested in current events scroll downward. Bearing in mind that the present has already been swept away by the current!

There is still time to join in the fun since the event continues next weekend. Although showers are predicted that usually amounts to very little inconvenienc and the predicted daytime temperatures look good.  Our community is about an hour from most parts of Halifax and neighbouring Lunenburg is only 12 minutes by car from our inland location. It is worthy of secondary interest.

A week ago rain was predicted for the weekend now under observation. Sunny on Saturday. Sunday: none so far! (12 pm). Air temperatures exceeded the prediction. With virtually no wind this was an ideal opening for the festival. Humidity went unnoticed with these lower temperatures. Saturday, next, looks like another good one!

Here are the two possibilities for getting into town. We are at that orange circle but call us before visiting?  Most of the action is on Main Street. The "Grinch Grotto" is located on Edgewater Street at the newly resurrected Visitor Information Centre.

Ruth and Rod looked for him, unsuccessfully, on November 24. Mahone Bay, like other communities in New Scotland, has had its fill of trouble and trevail in the year which is nearly past. Earlier this year, the building was subjected to a flash fire, which it survived but renovation was slow and probably costly. The Grinch may have been responsible? That was Freas daeg, or "Friday", a poor time for commencing any new enterprise, which may be why the opening ceremony was not one made of marked interest for visitors. But then, that may be coincidental?

The days leading up to the Father Christmas Festival were clear and cold, but not freezing cold.

A couple of weeks ago we had a hard frost overnight but it was violent winds that stripped away the Fall leaves.

Christmas rarely looks like this in coastal Lunenburg County due to poor snow cover in December.

There was the year of "Snowmageddon", but that was the first real snow of the year in the first week of February.

And this was Bill Watterson's final appearance on behalf of Calvin & Hobbes.  I have a big sheet of paper, and who knows how much time?

Have attended several tree lighting ceremonies, which are unlike Thomas Tryon's Harvest Home fires. although they did start as a Old Norse-like "Festival of Light". As there were no events of special note that Friday, this was largely a local gathering, which can be a lot of fun weather permitting.

This year, the first footers in putting up decorations wrtrthe pewter peoples, who have simplified the procedure by placing these two oversized figures in the usual place.

The Snow Queen and Father Christmas appeared perturbed?

However, they settled down. A bit later they were backed with greenry.

That is not Ruth superintending the final touches.

Oh My Cod Cafe passed on a full season this year, but decorated for Christmas suggesting that they planned commercial seasonal reentry into that game.

 THe Mahone Bay Trading Company Window suggests this year was not a good one for pequins. Or is that an owl with a damaged beak?

November 24, 9 am. Frost patterns, for the first time, on opposite units. The Tennessee duo live in the second from the left, #11. There is no #13.

This frost required scraping! Terrible, as Wee Donnie T would say.

The Pharmasave version appeared on Friday.

The volunteers who decorated in less than clement weather deserve full marks. The Anney "River" looking north east.

And upstream.

Here on Edgewater Street, a really edgy foursome and Father Christmas with a fiddle at the new home of Buchanan's Music.

Got It? A Hallowe'en left over.

Ruth did a bit of shopping.

Including a visit to out small, but powerful, "Indepedent " groceteria.  There hasn't been such a bird since the days of corner stores, like one I piloted.

Ruth went back to work and I took a long recuperative nap, but emerged in time for this gathering. Temperature 9ºC, which seemed bearable. We arrived late, sine the tree lighting does not usually occur as promised.

The bell choir was in action and the choir  not yet arrived. This snap without filler light.

The image seemed a bit strange, but reality is also strange?

Selfies in this situation stretch the strange!

Fortunately the flash in this Canon is intuitive. Here are telephotoed bell-ringers.

And the crowd.

The interlocoter, John Hall, announcing that the mass choir has not yet arrived.

Thus we get to listen to Mayor David Devinne, who overstays his promised minute of air time. Having stood on cold ground for 45 minutes we decide to forgoe the choir and the lighting of the tree, which is now anti-climatic and promises hypothermia.

Halfway back along South Main, we do turn at Amos Pewter and see the tree light up across the water. In is now past the supposed closing hour but merchants are still open to trade. Temperature 6ºC.

The Knot & Anchor pub complex.

With free hot chocolate offered at the Mahone Bay Centre after the tree lighting, this place has unfair competition.

The Novel Idea in an outlet for newly -published books, on the ground floor of the place we rented last Christmas season.

That shop, and the Hibiscus, which offers ladies' clothing are open, but there are no potential customers on the street.

This grand old residence is across the street from the Mahone Bay Marina, which is not particularly aesthetic at this time of year.

Ruth tries to determine whether or not I have lost my way.

This home offers accomdations in a cabin in the backyard.

On Main Street: The last home before the path leading to our condos.

This figure was photographed back in December 2010 at Amos Pewter.  It has since been retired.