That could be a Dr. Who quotes, but isn't. Animation is not very likely for scarecrows, neither is regeneration, but they can be reconstituted. What follows is along the lines of "Lost Stars: Where Are They Now?" except that some obviously have fallen into black holes and the question for the rest is better phrased as "What are they now?"

Some scarecrows have aged without much change except when it comes to props. Inset, the year 2013 and larger photo, 2016.

On the other hand the Have A Yarn shop knitter has undergone some major refits before replacement.

In some cases wind and rain have taken their toll. Lance ArmStraw is among those who have had the stuffing knocked out of them by the elements.

A windy location seemed appropriate to her breezy personality, but she was grounded so that her beauty could be appreciated in a location in front of Suttles & Seawinds.  That lifestyle is tough and this year she was sited at the Health Clinic.

Sometimes the dead remain among us as pop culture figures, but Pavoratti did not have the staying power of Enrico Caruso. Photo taken in 2008.

Same date, better staying power in spite of his fictitious nature. But who was his nemesis way back then? Are these scarecrows still around?

These two local personality scarecrows somehow managed to age over time, presumably with help from a digital camera and ink-jet printer. As seen by Rod at their pottery shop on Main Street. Their first efforts are unfortunately gone but not forgotten.

Last year's "Cat In The Hat" was a winner compared with 2016's pumpkin headed group, which seems to have been created around the same frameworks.

The inset shows the flying carpet groupies in 208; the larger photo in 2015.  This year the location was the same but Kedy's Inlet Restaurant is gone and so are those pet cheetahs.

For years that poor fellow at left waited on tables at the Mahone Bay B&B, but this year was seen paying undue attention to the lady in red.  Photo, 2015.

This boozed up broad on Edgewater noticed in 2015 was nowhere to be seen.

Those zombedized fishermen seen at the top of this page where in better shape at the same location last year. We could go on but instead offer some walk abouts from the past.

Starting with this year since photographs from earlier times were small and of poor resolution to accommodate grindingly slow computers with little storage capacity. As you can see in Photoshop can do so much in improving 32 bit small images. Back then, the photos were arranged alphabetically.

Both on West Main Street.

I believe that that the ground floor pottery shop figure has reference to the fact that the three people involved in production were always based on the second floor.

Closeups of scarecrows at the B&B on South Main. That fourth figure is no longer present.

Each year there has been a themed Christmas display at the Suttles & Seawinds barn, and these were passed on from a Circus Pageant.

Royalty have been in attendance for many years.

All on West Main.

There were two Harry's flying high at that time!

American Royalty was also present in our neighbourhood.

Obama and Clinton were not on the same page in 2008. Oddly, political satire was almost completely absent from this year's festival, except for Trumphead on a post.

Then there is Local Royalty although the important founding families were not, at first, singled out with signage. Costumes and accessories have suffered the ravages of time.

Pop Culture royalty was north and east of the Celtic Cross. These photos show that these figurines could benefit from cosmetics.

Others would see these two cooks as culture heroes or vultures.

The serfs or consumer class.

Females of this class.

When Shylock retired from money-changing is new profession was the supply of Needful Things, a very amusing business.

The Needy Class, busied with poisoning each other in 2016.

Hardly a necessary process in this world of mortal coils?

Maud Lewis says she would have preferred Elton John, but that Ray Charles was "a very nice boy."

Some of the older heads could use a good swab of acrylic paint.

Past years have been good shows in their own right, but every production is a great time and resource balancing act. We took 300 photos in 2009, which is "NEXT."