The Scarecrow Festival was a wrap on September 25. In other years they were taken down too soon and visitors ceased visitation.  This time it was decided to keep the figurines at roadside until Canadian Thanksgiving if possible. Sidewalk traffic was down in the following Monday, but picked up and increased in the last days of the month in spite of (or perhaps because of) intense heat. Halifax must have been par-broiled.

This storm was very much needed in the driest areas of Nova Scotia.  The temperature was only slightly moderated and humidity very high, but it was easier to move about in the morning when it was still threatening rain.

Here is another look at that cute but unimaginative creation
at OK Convenience.

October 5

By this time traffic was much lighter and the Bank of Montreal commenced painting its building.

Fist real fall colour in the village.

Tourists were surprised at finding the bureau closed.

An armed robbery by a male and a female netted the varlets almost immediately.

Of course, this is where this constable was actually on duty.

There are bad boys in this world, as the latest news makes clear.