Ever feel that the ball is unravelling? I  really have empathy for Molesworth's depression on returning to skule. Any loss of personal freedom is a burden unless you really are a bulldog. I have accused  a number of people of being  "British bulldogs" in the fact of difficult situations. They seemed pleased at that but I have never regarded this as a normal reaction. Perhaps there is a protective genius guarding the British Isles, but I am tuned to this outlook: " If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it."  - W. C. Fields. Sometimes being a little out of sorts is natural and time does in fact heal a lot of emotional and physical rifts. Stay healthy, quit while you are behind!

August 8, 2015. Frankies hand-held was temporarily cranky but she managed to harvest e-mails from home using Ruth's oldest computer.

As for Ruth, she was tiring from weekly treks which allowed me to meet with my ophthalmologist in Halifax. She was also struggling with the right doses to take to calm persistent muscular pain, which was stirred up by driving.


We don't have sugar of any kind in the house, nor do we store or use butter or margarine. We do no have salt. That is not because we would not enjoy a English or a North American fat and salt loaded meal like this one. One serious cardio-vascular event, which took me out of action for a half year, is enough. A GP once told me that by-pass operations have a flat line date of seven years and that's probably true because few survivors of the operation actually change their diet. We only came to that radical diet when it became apparent that drugs were not able to create the lab reports needed to ensure that I might "live long and prosper."

I have a poor record when it comes to helping people change their ways. Usually, I get the "We all have to die sometime" line to which I respond that "You can be more the a bit more than uncomfortable on the journey to sometime. I have been a size 42 and I am not very tall. These days most people do survive the operation associated with clogged blood vessels but the recovery is very unpleasant. Unfortunately, that meant that we did not share many meals at home with our two British guests. We did agree with them on many things, but R&R do not compromise when it comes to food, and we do eat tasty stuff.  It's a matter of psychological conditioning.

Graham thoughtfully rented a car at this juncture. This gave the two of them more freedom to pursue the second half of their vacation, make connections with relatives on their timetable, and allow us to become less active hosts.

The afternoon of that same day. Generally the weather was warm bu our standards, hot, by theirs. We only found the humidity troublesome on three ocassions, but that adaptation is in-built.

We mentioned the concerts in Lunenburg associated with the Boxwood Festival, a series of classical shelagh-na-gig, but more in jest than in the expectation they might want to go. We always found Boxwood less annoying that the annual Folk Harbour Festival, which seemed  more in one's face.  I love all kinds of music in settings which are not public and expensive. This past year Folk Harbour ran from August 6 - 9 and Frankie and Graham went in to have a listen. Yeah, that is Bluenose II down there near the ticket tent. Those are not people on deck, but ventilating funnels.

People actually pay to sit out in the hot sun and listen to music which can be of excellent or indifferent quality. It can be heard from a distance by non-paying fans who position themselves downwind. 

The Bluenose helped boost Lunenburg's last tourist season by being in port all summer long, unable to sail. At this point interest in this concert was gathering.

Being former residents we knew that we could park a few streets north for nothing. Of course, you do need to be able to survive an uphill walk to get back to your vehicle.

We placed bets on where Frankie and Graham might eat.

.To see who would win, we had to walk back up the hill to Montague Street, "restaurant row." First we has a look at the ticket booth. This festival is not patronized by many young people.

Propaganda to the contrary, people who seniors are not necessarily indigent.

Where else would they eat but the very, very popular Fish Shack, and they are not solitary admirers of the single menu item, English-style fish and chips.

We thought about having a mug up and steamed mussels at the Ice House patio on the Fisheries Museum long wharf. You can see why that did not happen.

This was the other mug up choice, in the Fisheries Museum building, but not so popular since since it drinks were non-alcoholic and the prime item offered, ice cream!

There were more than these as other choices but we knew that there would not be fast service anywhere no matter how fast the food was cooked. Healthy food can be found at  Savvy Sailor or even Subway (yellow building).

To take advantage of this event Subway had established this extension  on the waterfront, but a stand up meal has never appealed to either of us.

That's why we motored over to Mahone Bay. On the quest for food we noticed that Bromwell's building had (at last) cast off those eye-catching painted Celtic theme (upper right) and gone conservative in order to rent to a new unnamed Main Street business.

In this past year we entirely bypassed Pirate daze for natal daze at Annapolis Royal. Some decorations were still up in retail establishments.

The tea house featured his couple.

The venerable Mug & Anchor featured this lonely soul. Perhaps we should have been warned off, but we did eat here with one other couple for company. This is one venue where Lunenburg aces Mahone Bay no matter what folks like us say!

On a walkabout afterwards we noticed that Valentino's outdoor patio was no better patronized.

Back at home the clouds still threatened, but it did not rain.

It was during that day that we finally noticed that Chibby's Of Lunenburg was past tense, the wonderful eccentric owner of this women's wear store having been forced to sell because of ill health. The new brand-name is seen posted above.
Montague Street

Our guests had brought scuba diving equipment with them from England and did some underwater touring at Hubbards. They also arranged a power boat idyll and a kayak expedition as well as a trip with Mary and Edmund to Ross Farm.  None of these events followed script  as supposed.

I remember the remaining events  very poorly as I was completely stressed out because my eyesight degenerated under 4X normal internal eyeball pressure.  It had been a blast, but it was neither practical nor wise for us to pretend we could function as hosts. Fortunately, Edmund was able to accommodate Frankie and Graham.  Unfortunately...