On this day Ruth drove to Mahone Bay to connect with her uncle and aunt, Hubert and Ann King. He is metallurgical engineer and she managed the Belvedere Suite on Salt Spring Island B.C. Both are retired to a condo on the island. They had flown east to visit close relatives. We met them in Mahone Bay where they had been driven by their son,  a resident of Halifax. This meal was a little less lively than one experienced a few weeks earlier at the Mug & Anchor Pub.

Previously, Hu had attempted to find shoes at the Mahone Bay Trading Company, which is actually a large shoe store. We shopped a bit with the duo and then went on a short drive, There are not many streets in this small village, but the outlook on a fine day is not to be missed.

The following morning we had a chance to see his latest footwear. Most of the day was spent resting.

Still feeling lazy late that afternoon, we make that short run down the Lunenburg Peninsula to Blue Rocks. This strange little shed, restored with the help of government funds, is the most photgraphed and painted in the area. I seem to remember Ruth's mum showing me 82 or so photos of paintings of this fishing shed.

I have painted a few at this place.

The lighthouse is a fake but the lobster fishing sheds on the other side of the road are all authentic.

The Anglican Church, where Hu and Ann took a brief walkabout.

That evening Ann was the only one who seemed a bit energized.

Hu looked happy.

Ruth had been subject to a lot of stress and was suffering from a very painful sternum, a condition which had forced her into bed on the first day of this visit.

In spite of that look, I was no seeing very much.

When it comes to sea food the four of us are agreed that Magnolias on Montague Street in Lunenburg beats out other places. We try to go there when Hu and Ann are in town, since not all of our usual guests like a salt-water menu. This was dessert.

A King family reunion was planned including our guests, Andrew and Tanya King and their two children, Mary (nee King) Brownless and her son. The original site was our homestead. I was grumpy when I heard that "The Boy" might show up.

Considering the avoidance reactions he had shown me in the past...

Posting these in deep mid-winter makes me very nostalgic. Hu and Ann have been very good to and for Ruth and with her aches and pains she was appreciative of their presence, always helpful and fun and smart conversationalists.

I am sorry to say I was over-reactive and as a result the get-together was hastily rescheduled for Atlantica Resort not far distant at Western Shore. Hu and Ann planned to return with Andrews family for a visit in Halifax before flying west. Here they are seen moving luggage from our car to theirs.

I was fearful that having the princeling on home territory might lead to trouble, so I was in a better mood but that did not save the day. Above the Atlantic deck adjacent to their indoor restaurant. Food is served here on special occasions weather permitting.

This is a comparatively new and large complex. The restaurant is housed in this wing, and the gated area is the outdoor patio area. In addition to a restaurant, Atlantic Oak Island Resort & Conference Center features an indoor pool. Other amenities include a full-service spa and a marina. We have stayed here off-season and can add that there is also a tavern.

Frankie and her dad, Andrew. Family politics is a great balancing act. Trouble is, Ruth and I were just too sick and tired to try. This playground was located close to the ocean an the southern side of the hotel.

This is Ann and Hu's grandson William.

Ruth, Andrew, Francesca and Tanya backed by the Atlantic. These two adult Kings are partners in da Maurizio, Halifax Restaurants, Italian Cuisine, Nova Scotia. www.damaurizio.ca.

Francesca reminded me of my two precocious  and very successful daughters, Cathryn Moira and Allison Anne when they were youngsters.

Ann and Ruth proving that there's nothing wrong with being on the declining side of the bell curve for age. Ruth always could pull a face!

With kids it's 7-24 survelliance

Noticing that other guests had arrived. "Over the river and through the woods..." Oops, wrong poem. We entered by way of the indoor pool.

Frankie Rowan Short and Ruth.

Mary and Edmund hidden behind Frankie's dad. I was loathe to mingle.

William at the long table with Hu in foreground. These two kids were impressive for their patience and forbearance of adults. All four of my children were also quite guests in restaurant situations.

Wine and beer was quick in coming to the table but there were subterranean rumblings form the kitchen.

Mary spoke not a word... God knows what Graham was thinking or signaling.

That's Ruth to my left and Ann taking pictures.

Tanya was seated opposite "The Boy."

I was seated opposite Francesa, who thank the gods was providing entertainment.  Another balancing act probably perfected during time spent in her parents highly-praised restaurant.

Wish I could remember the patter.

Afterwards in the parking lot.

I guess little things mean a lot. Note "young Albert Einstein."

All but Mary, Ruth and I were committed to a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew in Halifax. We were not up for the drive. We did convey Mrs. Brownless to her home.

August 19. The Shortts were back from Halifax and spending time with us again. We did not know if this would be a few more days, or less, since I was in line for a lens replacement and a visconcanalostomy, an operation which removes some of the sclera (white outer eyeball covering) reducing internal eyeball pressure by allowing fluid to drain into the nose and back of the throat. That day we made for Mahone Bay. We were waiting to hear if there was a cancellation.

Ruth takes no prisoners when she sees a health problem which needs to made right. I think this is one aspect of personality which does not appeal to her mother, in spite of the fact that she is usually correct.

We both noticed that Frankie had a walking problem and though that "floppies" and inexpensive sneakers were some part of the problem.

After a few futile attempts to fit her, her dad came up with a solution.

I don't think there were any doubts that this was a good solution pending having a podatrist look at her trouble back in England.

The check out. Later in the day it was tentatively confirmed that I had a Halifax appointment so our guests had to be passed on to Edmund in Lunenburg. Our summer host/guest situation would have been much better except for illnesses on our part and the fuzzy logic and gossip of our closest relatives.