If this eye condition is the worst you encounter, you may consider yourself lucky. Back on September  5 of last year my concern was failing eyesight and I knew that a glaucoma operation was urgent. My opthamologist added as a side issue that I had had "stars in my eyes" for a very long time. These "stars" are technically called "asteroids" and they are tiny bits of calcium and phosphates which, unlike "floaters" are mobile like bodies in our Solar System. Floaters are fibrous cell condensates  which interfere with eyesight as they float about in the vitreous humour of the eye. Asteroids are small white bodies which are quite refractive and have the appearance of objects moving in the night sky. They occur in humans, dogs, cats and chinchillas.


The cause of asteroid hyalosis is unknown, but it has been associated with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and, in some animals, tumors of the ciliary body. In dogs, asteroid hyalosis is considered to be an age related change. While asteroid hyalosis does not usually severely affect vision, the floating opacities can be quite annoying, and may interfere significantly with visualization and testing of the retina.While treatment of asteroid hyalosis is usually unnecessary, vitrectomy may occasionally be indicated, for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. - Wikipedia.

In my own situation, I have noted star-like refractions in the dark, but otherwise nothing. Dr. Rafuse said this was a good thing as the operation mentioned above is a stop-gap measure. I knew nothing of this in 2014, but was certainly not in high good humour.

.Ruth was also ready for a change of place and so we booked in to a different location and headed for Shelburne, a short drive on the highway west. The two buildings show here were built as part of a movie set a couple of decades ago. We were pleased to see that the one closest the water was at last getting needed external repairs. We were surprised at the lack of visitors, since Lunenburg was still teeming with strangers.

We were too early to check in and passed the time drinking coffee and taking a walk at the waterfront. Beautiful weather!

It is reassuring to find some sign of life, In the distance the Cooper's Inn where we have often been guests in times past. This time we wanted rest rather than recreation and entertainment, so we skittled across the highway into the Shelburne County.

There was no one at the main office to greet us at Roseway River Cottages, and we did not understand that this was a walk in and we will show up eventually, so we drove back to the town tourist bureau and then returned here. We had thought to try Boulder Cove Cottages but they were fully booked.

"Thanks, it is a wonderful cottage just the right place to celebrate the New Year with lots of friends." - G&K, Shelburne.

"Really liked it here, nice little escape!" - A

"We had a great time; the cottages are lovely. We loved the fire pit! A great family get away. " - Mackinnon Family, New Brunswick.

We were swayed by on-line comments and the fact that at least one local considered it a good place to go. We will remember not to book for a celebratory holiday if seeking peace and quiet.

The outlook on the river was superb.

Kitchen facilities were over sized for our needs and therefore a bit cramped.

This is glacial erratic country and you could see a few of them from our front door.

Forget staying in the busy/noisy town, go to this beautiful location and a great cabin. It was well equipped and a wonderful host too. Shelburne is a super place, lots to see and do. We had a great campfire and the river was great for the kids. When we return to NS we will be going to this place, its wonderful. - Stayed September 2014, travelled with family. -TripAdvisor

There were five cabins in all, one other occupied, perhaps by those people who posted on TripAdvisor.

Here is the fire pit referred to previously. It was located south of the cabins with a closeup view of the Roseway River which drains into Shelburne Harbour.

And the river showing limestone outcroppings, which contrast markedly with the CFA erratics. The view is westward.

Looking southward, the bridge that carries the highway is seen.

Obviously the river floods but the cabins are unreachable on high land.

Walked as far northward as trails would allow. No fake eco-tourism here!

This landscape would be stark at mid-winter, but the cottages are available year around.

At this point in time greenery had about a month left.

Some of the erratics had been piled to allow road construction.

Never been in The Black Loyalist Museum not far from Shelburne at Birchtown.

No surprise to find it closed since so few travellers were about.

That pathway led to the brand new Centre scheduled to open in 2015.

The community church is on the other side of the road.

The older museum building was not open at this time and there was little sign of human habitation, so we took this photo of the Harbour from the Birchtown Park.

In Shelburne it was their market day. The public washrooms were obviously new.

We purchased a six pack of the  Boxing Rock Brewing Company's beer and took it home. According to local folklore, Boxing Rock is the place where bickering seamen were left by their captain to sort out their differences. The choice: box until only one could return to the ship or shake hands and share a beer. Either way, it's only a few short hours until High Tide. See: http://boxingrock.ca/

Lunenburg's Ironworks Distillery has an agent based in town.

Our summer visitor from England showed fleeting interest in acquiring this property which has been on the market for some time.

We had lunch at the cottage before setting out for another look at coastal Lockeport.

.In times, which seem long past, we did stay in a couple of these cottages right on the beach. The closest was more upscale and privately owned when we were there.

It was beginning to feel a lot like the shoulder season. Perhaps the overcast sky had something to do with our mood.

This beach was once featured on Canadian currency.

Generally we have enjoyed visiting Lockeport. This time around everything looked a little more distressed. The former Royal Bank building seemed worth a rescue attempt not long ago.

Home Hardware was open but not buzzing with activity.

A few cars but no lights in that restaurant where we have enjoyed a few seafood dishes. Clearwater has a much larger presence here than at home.

The public wharf was also very, very silent.

The winter lobster season had yet to open in December.

We had once talked about purchasing this derelict home.

Even the birds were departing Lockeport.

We stopped by the Liverpool tourist bureau. That town looked upscale compared with parts of the two villages we had visited.

Those leaden skies were not encouraging.

The westward view. Looks like a sailing ship but merely a flag pole. Checked that out years ago