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Have We Arrived Yet?

Posted March, 2015.

nordic spa

The model for this modest effort in New Brunswick located in a village I know well might be
Nordik Spa-Nature, 16 Chemin Nordik, Chelsea, Quebec J9B 2P7, Canada. On's page a visitor sums that place up as follows: Pro's: great atmosphere; many choices for hot-cold-relax cycle; favorite is the steam rooms with aromatherapy! Good service, friendly people. Beautiful at night... the perfect place to go with a book (or just a pillow) to unwind, relax and have no responsibilities. Con's: sometimes it's a bit crowded - weekdays are better.

The local spa, a few miles west of St. John,  was built four years ago by Michel Racine and Line Betournay, a couple from Quebec, when they relocated to this property in 2010.

nordic spa

In 2010, the couple built a cabana and sauna on the beach for personal use and they eventually shared the facilities with friends and locals. It wasn’t long before the couple met local tourism operators Dave Ryan and Wanda Hughes and together they realized the property could be turned into a business. In 2011, a building with a washroom, change rooms and private space for massage and other spa services was built. Most recently, a wood-fired hot pool was laid into the forest floor.

In the off-season, the Delta Brunswick Hotel in Saint John offers a weekend special for couples which includes a pass to the Spa. The business is only open on Saturdays throughout the winter from noon until 5 p.m.

spa in winter

Some would say that wading into the Bay of Fundy is a polar bear experience at any time of year, but when I was a youngster, I took a swim there once in February and survived.

This  spa has to be a welcomed mini-vacation for a few lucky Saint Johnites. For the rest of us, getting there would have been a huge adventure in February 2015. A bit more than a spa, this business  welcomes groups or couples with advanced reservations. . They suggest that clients "Experience relaxation massages and reiki treatments and enjoy the wood-fired Finland sauna, steam room and Polar Bear Café." And yes, they do have a Polar Bear Club.

winter spa

That large summer image of theirs is easy to relate to, but this larger winter crowd is a surprise? The operators suggest: "Enjoy our Wood-fired Finland Sauna, Steam Room,Polar Bear Cafe, and perhaps a Polar Bear Dip with co-workers, friends, or family."

summer winter

Here are another pair of contrasting photos from their web and facebook pages. They advertise "Last Saturday of the Month Bonfire Events."

At this writing, their description was as follows: "Live music in the Cabana or on the beach with a brilliant bonfire right outside the  Polar Bear's Cafe and Relaxation Lounge. Date: Saturday, February 28th, 2015. Time: 6-11pm, Music at 8-11pm. Cost: $35/Guest includes use of facilities, $10 music only.  Performers; Carol Perry & Brad White."

This looks probable since weather predictions are no longer promising snow.

winter spa

Tourism New Brunswick says, "This nature spa is based on thermal therapy to assist in healing areas in the body affected by injury or stress, especially for cleansing the body, relaxing the heart, refreshing the mind and purifying the soul. Race to the shore of the Bay of Fundy at high tide for a refreshing dip or jump into the fresh water of the pond after your sauna and become a member of the official 'Polar Bear NB' club!" I would recommend the former in summer only, but understand there is a New Year's Polar Bear Dip at this location. These photos were taken on Valentine's Day.


In addition to food, drink and hot and cold dips in water, this place offers
a two hour guided kayak tour, catamaran rental and hosts group spa parties. Massage, reiki and aesthetics services  are also available by appointment, Spa Chance Harbour offers one luck couple the above loft accommodation for overnight booking at a cost of $195.

Someone out there at Chance Harbour must be constantly monitoring winter weather. I wonder if they have ever been faced with a snow-bound situation?

algonquin pool

Just for the record, here is another possibility for those fearful of hypothermia.The This completely renewed Victorian-era seaside hotel has been restored and offers 165 guest rooms and 68 suites on four floors in a location with views over Passamaquoddy Bay. The hotel features an indoor pool and water slide and an outdoor pool and spa tub. It would be a long dash to Passamaquoddy Bay. In its early days, the hotel pumped saltwater from the sea up to the hotel giving guests a choice of freshwater or saltwater from two taps serving their bath tubs.